STAT – – Stop, Think, Act & then Talk

One minute, our sweet little boy is smiling and happy and playing nicely and then, in the blink of an eye, he can start to scream, tantrum and throw the kitchen chair back on to the floor.  We don’t know what it is that set him off.  We don’t know what triggered that sudden emotion.  But we do know that it changed everything around us immediately.  We also know that this wonderful innocent child is just struggling with something and that is how he is expressing himself (albeit not the best way).  We can choose to understand, learn and help him (through ABA therapy) or we can choose to give up.

The Dream Team at My Favorite Therapists refuses to give up!  Your child’s Dream Team at My Favorite Therapists believes that, together as a team with your child and your family, your child can have more of those fun, smiling, happy memorable moments throughout his/her life.  The more you can understand your child, the more you can help others to do the same and to treat your child properly.

It is all around us.  Store owners, professionals, relatives, hospital staff, and the public do not seem to understand what it means when children have special needs.  They don’t understand how to speak in front of our children, much less how to speak TO our children and they definitely have no idea how to interact with our children.  Many do not even want to, it seems.

For those people, let me tell you that many of these beautiful children actually hear and I understand everything that you say to and around them.  I know that my son does!  And, these children have feelings.  They listen and absorb the poor conduct and words and suffer the hurt internally.  It is unfortunate that these children cannot express and communicate what they are really thinking and feeling because, I believe, it would be heartbreaking to hear.

Just think about how often you yourself get angry or frustrated and act out because of it.  Just think about how a simple expression or grunt can tell another person exactly how you are feeling.

Children with special needs, with autism, ADHD, ADD and developmental delays can and will find their own unique way of communicating with you if you are patient, understanding and receptive to it.  These special children are all human and entitled to be treated with respect and kindness.

Let’s all try to remember that and spread the word.

Kimmy Katari, mom to 4 amazing boys