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How does speech therapy help?

My Favorite Therapists

Speech Therapy is provided by a licensed speech-language pathologist.

Speech therapy and Language therapy is available for all children who have physical or developmental difficulties with speech, language, articulation, and oral motor abilities. The licensed speech language pathologists at My Favorite Therapists use many different therapeutic methods to assist your child, depending on the particular speech or language challenges. Our therapists are also feeding specialists, assisting with a variety of feeding issues.  We strive for continuous motivation with positive reinforcers, games, and toys to encourage children with autism to work harder.

Benefits of speech therapy ?

We all hope and wish for that each child can communicate and express himself most effectively. Speech therapy will:

Improve speech delays and inefficiencies
Improve swallowing and feeding skills;
Assist in providing a better quality of life and self esteem;
Enable a better understanding and expression of thoughts;
Help to coordinate and plan oral motor movements (tongue, lips, jaw)


Our highly skilled team of therapists provides an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary team approach to working with families and their children with unique needs

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