Pediatric Therapy Center Raises the Bar in South Florida

What is missing at My Favorite Therapists’ children’s therapy center?

Hopefully nothing. We carefully considered, planned and combined the knowledge, experience and input of therapists, parents and professionals to create a progressive, state of the art pediatric therapy center for children and families in South Florida . We have sensory friendly colors and lighting throughout our 8000 sf facility with a friendly comfortable feel, not institutionalized. We crafted and designed each room in our therapy center:

The Reception Area

Lots of space for families to sit, work, eat and wait in a bright, welcoming area.

Individual Themed Therapy Rooms

Each one is unique in its own way just like our pediatric clients. Different seating, different work areas, different themes and different sizes.

The Learning Room

Simulates a classroom setting with multiple centers which are constantly changing to keep the children motivated, intrigued, and engaged. This is the central hub for our center-based ABA children to learn, work and transition to their natural environment.

The Stomp Room

Equipped with a ceiling projector and special flooring for therapy related activities, seemingly fun, but challenging our children mentally, physically and socially.

The Screen Room

Uses our interactive metronome to improve children’s’ processing, reactive and response time.

The Monkey Room

An ideal environment for arts and crafts, mealtime and messy activities.

The Therapists’ Lounge

A perfect blend of work area and break room for our therapists to chart their notes, relax, conference and collaborate with one another.

The Nap Room

Equipped with toddler beds and all of the necessities to help our children to acquire and maintain healthy sleep habits.

The Green Gym

Designed for strengthening, coordination, crawling, rolling, stretching and slow moving activities.

The Blue Gym

The place for swinging, sliding, jumping, running and climbing.

The Big Room

A large multipurpose room used for parties, speakers, special engagements, training sessions, support groups and more.

The Dream Team

Experienced, qualified, exceptional speech, occupational, ABA, physical and music therapists working and striving to help your child to succeed in life!

Please stop by for a visit. We look forward to meeting you.

Kimmy & Jay Katari, Owners