Our story begins with our son Blake…


Our son, Blake, was diagnosed on September 11th, an already devastating day! On that September 11th day, our lives changed forever as we watched the neurologist attempt to interact with Blake and then listened to the doctor’s words, labeling our son from that day on.

After the initial shock, sadness, and disbelief, my husband and I dove right in to try to “fix” Blake as quickly and as best as we could. We read, we researched, we experimented. We did ABA, RDI, speech therapy, OT, music therapy, hippotherapy, holistic therapy, the GFCF diet, brain treatment therapy, and floor time therapy. Blake had uncontrollable tantrums, biting, screaming, constipation, stimming, and setbacks. Yet, my husband and I gave our all to help Blake from the time of that initial diagnosis and despite trying to raise our three other boys and taking care of my mother who was dying of cancer.

I drove anywhere and everywhere to try to find the right treatment and therapist for my son. I suffered through hours of intake meetings and phone calls just for the purpose of determining insurance coverage prior to treatments. Aside from Blake’s speech therapist, no person or place seemed good enough. We wanted more than a glorified babysitter as an ABA therapist. We needed to feel as if Blake’s therapists truly cared and wanted to help him. We looked for innovative therapists that would change and advance his treatment as he progressed and determine what was necessary to do if he was not progressing.

After spending 3 months with Blake in California, I returned home with hope and a renewed sense of determination to treat Blake’s autism. Our family had moved to a different part of town, Blake was starting at a new school, and we were looking for new therapists again.

While walking our dog (the only time we seem to have a quiet moment to speak), my husband and I realized that we wanted something for our son, Blake, that just did not exist and so…My Favorite Therapists began to develop:

The perfect place

We wanted a place that offered all of the therapies that Blake might need to make scheduling and driving easier and to enable his therapists to talk and collaborate with one another.

A calm environment

We wanted a place that offered a calm, soothing atmosphere and environment for Blake and me, from the time that we walked through the door.

Someone who really cares

We wanted to feel like someone cared more about helping our son and less about whether I contacted the insurance company and gathered all of the information for them.

Experienced Therapists

We wanted a dream team of therapists.

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