Many families know that ABA THERAPY benefits children with autism. ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, a scientifically based and systematic method for helping a child to progress with daily life skills and functioning.

  • How many of those families know about PARENT TRAINING?
  • How many families get PARENT TRAINING?
  • How many companies provide PARENT TRAINING?
  • Which companies include PARENT TRAINING as an integral part of their ABA Therapy Program?

MY FAVORITE THERAPISTS incorporates Parent Training into the therapy plans for our clients. We know, understand and have seen substantial improvements with children with autism when the parents collaborate and work together with us. After all, most children spend the majority of their waking hours with their family when they are not in school or in therapy!


Parent Training is a 1:1 session between the parent(s) and a Board Certified Behavior Analayst (BCBA).  Parent Training can be with or without a child present.  It can be a time for discussion, a time for planning for school support, or even a time for the BCBA to watch and observe the parent(s) and give feedback as to how to make improvements to interaction, language and activities with a child who has autism.

Parent Training varies based upon the child, the child’s needs, the parent, the parents’ concerns, and the frequency of meetings.  No two training sessions are ever the same, but they all are centered on doing what is best for the child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


During our Parent Training sessions, the parent(s) and the BCBA can meet and talk. It sounds easy and simple but, in today’s life, we rarely have time to just sit and talk. Together the parent(s) and the BCBA can focus on so many topics and activities:

Most behavioral therapists can only help with what they know and are told.  My Favorite Therapists goes above and beyond that.  We try to find out more.  We try to do more.  We try to be more.  Along with Parent Training, My Favorite Therapists assists and attends IEP meetings at schools, and collaborates  with other specialty fields (speech, occupational and physical therapists).

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  • They can review and discuss effective behavioral strategies that can decrease inappropriate behaviors that occur in the home;
  • They can troubleshoot and specifically address issues that the parent(s) has encountered since the previous session;
  • They can go over how to handle and respond to certain situations so that the parent can appropriately act in the future; and
  • They can prepare and plan for getting school support and for IEP meetings at school.

Parent Training is also time when the BCBA can watch, observe and provide feedback to parents. So often, parents say and do things with their children that they may not even realize. They describe a situation differently than it actually occurred or leave out something that unknowingly would be important for the BCBA to know. During an observation at home or out in the community, the BCBA can identify the “triggers” that may lead to certain behaviors. Then, during our Parent Training session, our BCBA will often be able to teach:

  • Simple ABA techniques for managing problem behaviors;
  • New skills that the parent(s) could implement with their child;
  • How to be proactive with problem behavior;
  • How to have successful community outings (grocery shopping, going to the mall, ordering a meal, etc. – basically anything that the family has trouble with out in the community).

Were you aware that many insurance companies compensate for Parent Training ?

ABA Therapy with My Favorite Therapists is more than a therapy session with your child.

Our ABA Therapy programs and plans  include the parents in the entire process so that they can help their child to better succeed and progress.