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    This Childrens’ Therapy Center is New, Different and Better

    Jan 15, 2017


    Prioritizing therapies and help for your child can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. My Favorite Therapists is here to assist families through it all.

    1. We are ONE Company that offers all types of therapy for all types of children. Our therapists talk with one another, collaborate with one another, and help one another to achieve the most progress possible for each child. Imagine how beneficial it is for a behavioral therapist to assist and advise strategies for motivation and meltdowns encountered during occupational therapy and speech therapy. Likewise, speech goals (ie. greetings) could be implemented and reinforced by all of the therapists working with the same child.
    2. We offer BOTH Center based as well as home based and school based ABA therapy, depending upon the child’s needs and goals. ABA therapy can also be given in a combination of settings, as needed.
    3. We help to COORDINATE SCHEDULING to maximize efficiency, convenience, and results.
    4. We take the time to discuss INSURANCE coverage, benefits and options with your family, understanding that the ultimate goal is to help your child.  We have found that Molina Marketplace and AvMed are two very affordable plans that have a great deal of coverage for the cost of the plans.
    5. We understand the importance of making sure that the therapist is COMPATIBLE with your child and family.  While some children work better with a soft spoken, calm therapist, others may prefer a high energy, fast talking individual.  Likewise, parents have their own preference as to the people with whom they like to work. We strive to make the perfect match for you.
    6. We realize the urgency of obtaining services as soon as possible and do our best to AVOID having a long waiting period.  

    My Favorite Therapists is owned by parents who have been through the process of seeking and receiving therapies for their children.  You can always talk with these owners, Kimmy and Jay Katari.  My Favorite Therapists was created to be better and different. We hope that you agree that we are.

    To learn more, call (754)444-3707

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    Our highly skilled team of therapists provides an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary team approach to working with families and their children with unique needs

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    Address : 1239 E. Newport Center Drive #101,Deerfield Beach, FL 33442