Scholarship for speech, occupational therapy and also includes anything therapeutic or educational


Florida Department of Education Gardiner Scholarship Program can be used for speech or occupational therapy, and also includes anything therapeutic or educational.

A few key points:

-Student is eligible to enroll in kindergarten through grade 12 in a public school in Florida or will be 3 or 4 years old before September 1

-Full scholarship amount is approximately $10,000.

-Approval for the scholarship is prorated based on when the student becomes eligible.

-Funds can be applied to a wide range of related services including but not limited to speech or occupational therapy.

-Parents must apply to an eligible non-profit scholarship-funding organization that is administering the program. For a list of non-profit scholarship funding organizations please visit the Department’s SFO website.


Full details on the scholarship and how to apply can be found at :