Our Special Sauce

There are many pediatric therapy companies in South Florida and, I think, most people are under the impression that they are all pretty much the same. That’s not true.
I am an entrepreneur. So when my wife and I first started talking about starting a behavioral health company and therapy center for kids, as a businessman, my primary focus was crafting our company’s mission and unique competitive advantage. A year later, My Favorite Therapists is up and running and exceeding all business projections because it is a therapy company unlike any other.

My Favorite Therapists has many advantages over the rest of the providers in our area. The greatest competitive advantage that we have is NOT our amazing facility, it is NOT our incredible equipment, and it is NOT our cutting edge technology such as the interactive metronome or interactive projector flooring system. Our greatest competitive advantage is our Dream Team. My wife and I are fortunate to have the best of the best, all under one roof. We carefully interviewed, selected and retained only those therapists who we think would be good enough to work with our own children. My Favorite Therapists’ Dream Team comes from all over the country and covers every scientifically proven discipline. They have the greatest desire, knowledge, training and ability to improve the lives of children.

My Favorite Therapists also has the advantage of always having a full-time Board Certified Behavior Analyst in our center every day who continuously supervises and guides all of our center based ABA behavior therapy clients. More importantly, this BCBA helps her colleagues who are providing speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. This is such a huge and unique benefit – being able to collaborate and help to improve a child’s behavior during another therapy session. Speech, occupational and physical therapists simply do not have the qualifications or expertise to properly address behavioral issues. Having a Board Certified Behavior Analyst sit in on the session and assist with behavior issues gives us a competitive advantage and our clients a tremendous benefit.This kind of active support and collaboration between our therapists is the optimal way to integrate a positive behavior plan while allowing for more successful speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions.

As a father, it is exceptionally rewarding to know that my own experiences and obstacles with my child has helped and continues to help other children to succeed. As an owner and a dreamer, it is unbelievable to watch and witness the success of My Favorite Therapists’ Dream Team and first therapy center in South Florida.