Proud to be Different

Being different is what makes us special.

We cater to clients who are different. We embrace those differences. We accept them. We hope to spread the message that BEING DIFFERENT IS ACCEPTABLE. My Favorite Therapists prides itself on being different. We want to stand out. We want to get noticed. We want people to talk about us.

Here is what makes us different:

1. The owners of My Favorite Therapists are parents who have been through the trials and tribulations of trying to find good therapists for their children for over a decade. Kimmy and Jay Katari understand what families are often searching for, how families want to be treated, and, most importantly, why families are in need of one good therapy company that can provide a multitude of therapy services. You can get in contact with Kimmy or Jay and actually talk with them as opposed to other companies whose owners are invisible or unreachable.

2. We listen. We care. We devote the time necessary to help our clients. Regardless of the service, all of us at My Favorite Therapists take the time to fully understand each family’s needs, wants and goals. We know that it is important to do this in order to create a plan of care tailored specifically for each child and to continue to change and modify that plan as your child reaches a new goal. Otherwise, we would simply be providing robotic services.

3. We try to accommodate your family’s schedules and needs by offering behavioral services in our center, at schools, and in the homes.It all depends upon what is best for your child and your family. We work with you, for you and for your child.

4. My Favorite Therapists offers a variety of different therapies for a reason. It makes it easier for a family to plan out a schedule for multiple therapy sessions when one company can do it all.Even more important than that, all our therapists talk with each other and can be consistent with their approach and plan for helping your child to succeed regardless of what goal they are working on. Each and every therapist is working together and congruent with one another for your child’s benefit. This joint approach is very beneficial.

5. We designed our therapy center in a way to promote the most productive, engaging and successful therapy sessions with your child. We have a warm and inviting reception area that offers coffee and grab and go snacks as well as plenty of space to sit and work while waiting for your child. And no cluttered, drab therapy rooms here! Our soundproof therapy rooms have gentle themes and silent LED lighting to encourage maximum output from your child. There is plenty of room to let out energy and reinforce positive efforts in one of our two sensory gyms. And we have a multipurpose room enabling us to bring in valuable resources, helpful speakers, and do lots of activities for our clients.

6. My Favorite Therapists helps all children – those with autism, ADHD, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and Down Syndrome. We tailor the therapy, as necessary, to fit the needs of your child.

My Favorite Therapists is a DIFFERENT type of company and we are proud of it. We recognize the differences in your children and all children. We want your children to always know and feel that they are special for who they are!

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