WHO needs to look for groundhogs when you have children?

My children are the best forewarning of my day. From the moment they wake up, they send out a ton of indicators and signals directly to me. And, the truth of the matter is, that it makes no difference what I do or say. These groundhogs in my house wake up every day and let me know how the day is going to be! Today, despite all of my natural worries and stresses, I know it is going to be an awesome day. It has to be. My kids gave me the go ahead.

It is very unusual, but all four of my boys made it to school without any tiredness, frustrations, anxieties or complaints. And they each enjoyed a good breakfast. But, best of all, my son Blake clearly chose our world over the world of autism this morning. It doesn’t get any better than that. Anyone raising a special needs child might understand what I mean by that. This morning, Blake welcomed and enjoyed his morning cuddle with me, he calmly and happily got himself ready for school, and he peacefully sat through his breakfast. He even remained patient and helpful when he dropped his vitamin in the car and we had to stop to look for it.

Blake was completely in my world this morning, engaging with me!

So, how can I replicate a day like this? What is it or was it that made everything click just right? If Blake has shown me that he can connect and be happy in our world, why can’t those autistic symptoms be suppressed for longer? For the rest of the day, I will try to figure it out:

  • Was it the dinner that I prepared last night?
  • Was it the amazing therapist that worked with Blake yesterday?
  • Was it something that someone said or did?
  • Was it the change in weather?

If only I can figure this out! No matter what my day holds ahead for me, I have these three hours to hold forever. They are better and more important than anything. The three hours that I had with my children this morning have guaranteed to me that my day is going to be wonderful!

Kimmy Katari, mom to 4 amazing boys