First Breathe Then Speak

Sometimes the best advice is the simplest. So simple that we often don’t even realize it unless and until somebody suggests it to us. A prime example is BREATHING. Lucky for us, we all breathe every day. But, how we breathe can be very effective in helping us throughout our lives. It is very therapeutic and beneficial to take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly exhale out through your mouth.

This easy, simple process enables us to relax and control our entire body and our brains. This technique allows our whole system to pause for just a moment, just enough time to to give a second thought to what we are about to do or say to our loved ones. We like to tell our children “smell the flowers and blow out the candles“. A pleasant thought to everyone, especially those of us who like to smell beautiful flowers and celebrate happy occasions by blowing out candles! Smell the flowers and blow out the candles.

Breathe ……. Slowly …….. In and Out…….

It is advice that we hear so often, that is practiced in yoga and meditation, and that we suggest to stressed, frantic children. But, do we heed our own advice? How many of us just seem to snap at our kids because we have just gotten to the point where “we need a break”. But, if before we snap we could try to “smell the flowers and blow out the candles“, we may find that we end up speaking to our children in a calmer, more patient voice which ultimately will result in a more positive outcome.

A second or two can change a lot. It can change not only what we say and do, it can change how we say it and do it. We as human beings are instinctive. We are reactive. We are impulsive. Once we say something, we can never take it back. We can feel bad and we can regret it. Or, we can pause for a moment when we hear that ticking in our heads and want to explode.

As we are about to take our kids out for trick-or-treating and allow them to partake in the sugary, crazy, long night… let’s try to remind ourselves to smell the flowers and blow out the candles. If you can relate to what I’m saying, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to share your own stories and experiences. Happy Halloween!