A Therapy that Kids May Actually Enjoy


A PHRASE that I had never even heard until my son began his treatment with My Favorite Therapists!

A sensory diet is not a diet at all.  In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with food.  A sensory diet relates to activities and action that are designed to help children in many ways, whether it be to stay focused, to be calm, or for a variety of other reasons.  It is all a part of a well laid out plan that is created by an experienced and qualified occupational therapist who, in my son’s case, is named Rachel Khalifa.

Rachel had me fill out a questionnaire to learn more about my son’s personality and sensory seeking behaviors.  She also observed his daily conduct and followed up with some questions of her own.  Then, she told me about the Sensory Diet, explaining that it would be the best form of therapy for him and that I could actually be a big help in implementing it.

Anyone who knows me knows that I would surely bite at that apple dangling in front of me!  Something that could help my son?  You betcha I was going to do whatever I could to help.  So what if it was going to take some extra effort on my part to find the time to do it – – I was committed.  So, I started a new morning routine with my son immediately.  After he gets dressed for school and before he leaves his room for breakfast, I swing him in his hammock chair swing, slowly, back and forth, front to back, just like I was taught to do.  This simple activity, done in this specific manner, according to his occupational therapist, would benefit my son throughout the day.   It seemed a bit odd at first, but after week one, we were hooked.  Knock on wood, bite my tongue, he hasn’t screamed or “freaked out” at all before school.  I wanted to learn and understand more about sensory diets and the plan that Rachel was creating for my son.  While doing so, she shared this article that she wrote and published and I’d like to share it with you…..

Thank you, Rachel Khalifa, for joining the Dream Team at My Favorite Therapists and for helping children, like mine, on their pathway to success.