Medicaid Coverage for ABA Therapy

What good does Medicaid do for children with an autism spectrum disorder who need ABA therapy? I just don’t get it. There are so many families who are desperately trying to help their children to succeed in life. Those families are searching and seeking for a company that  provides ABA therapy and that takes Medicaid. In South Florida, it seems near impossible.  I do not even know where to refer them!

From a provider standpoint, I understand why companies do not accept Medicaid – because the government does not pay adequately for the services to allow us to pay a reasonable salary to the therapists. At what point though does the government realize that it is hurting families more than it is helping them. What good is having Medicaid if you can’t get any services? It is not fair.

Research shows that ABA therapy is effective and has been proven to substantially help children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. What happens if these kids cannot obtain therapy services as they grow into adulthood? What is our plan as a society?

We, at My Favorite Therapists, try to suggest and recommend to our prospective clients that they do whatever they can to try to add their child as a dependent on the parent’s insurance plan. In the long run, it is worth it. And, in most cases, adding your child as a dependent to a parent’s policy does not mean that your child loses their Medicaid benefits. My own child has Medicaid coverage as well as coverage on our family plan.

We do what we can to help our children to succeed in life. It isn’t always easy. And it definitely is not always cheap. The hope is that it always will be worth it.

written by Kimmy Katari, mom of 4 amazing boys