New Websites to Overcome Autism Obsessions

Yes, my 12 year old son loves Sesame Street and can watch the same 4 videos over and over and over and over again and laugh and smile as if he is seeing them for the first time.  

No, I don’t like to see him doing this but yes, I do like to see him happy and smiling.  And, yes, we do reward him with computer time so that he can watch his “friends”.  He does not watch tv.

I am always searching for new websites that will capture his attention and yet help him to grow and thrive. I found some great ones! is an incredible website with guided lessons and videos that are totally capturing his attention. I have a lesson up and ready in the morning for him to learn (he thinks he is playing!) while I make breakfast. And, after school,  we now have up and ready for him to improve his typing skills.  Another child friendly, attention grabbing website.

Sorry, Kermit, Ernie and Bert …. we might not be seeing as much of you any more. My little boy is growing up!