A Winning Therapy Team for Your Child Is Key to Success

A TEAM APPROACH is the best strategy to aid in the success of a child with special needs or developmental delays.

Whether it be a fine motor issue, a speech impediment, a physical condition, or a behavioral deficit, that child cannot succeed to the best of his abilities on his own doing.  Many families will seek out a therapist to help and often consult with or hire more than one therapist.  You can take your child consistently and religiously to therapists for treatment but to obtain optimal progress, those professionals ought to be collaborating with your family and with each other.  It is so beneficial and important that your child’s behavioral therapist communicate with the speech therapist and occupational therapist or physical therapist and school personnel and that they all approach and interact with your child in the same manner and with the same positive reinforcement to provide consistency, expectation and results.

This is the philosophy and heart of MY FAVORITE THERAPISTS.  My Favorite Therapists is your child’s Dream Team of therapists. The owners of the company are parents who actually understand and know what it is like to live every day with children with developmental delays and special needs.  They did the driving to and from therapists. They got a 2-3 minute update at the end of each session with each therapist.  They realized that it could and should be better.

Each and every member of the My Favorite Therapists’ Dream Team works with one another and with your family, always communicating, to achieve the goals that have been set for your child.  It is a positive, team approach that is goal oriented and always updated and modified.

With the support, knowledge, guidance, encouragement, experience and services of properly trained professionals collaborating with one another, your child’s abilities are limitless!


written by Kimmy Katari, mom of 4 amazing boys