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    May 2, 2018

    OT jump

    Hi, I’m Stephanie Yoda, an Occupational Therapist employed at My Favorite Therapists.  I love what I do and where I do it and decided to write this blog to share with everyone how this came to be!

    OT pic

    I was first introduced to working with children with autism in 2007 as a temporary instructor in an elementary school. Of course, I had some challenging days, but I felt an immediate connection with the children and began to see myself assisting children with special abilities in the future.  During this employment, I learned about occupational therapy.  “What a perfect career for me”, I thought, as I could teach and help children without working in a traditional school setting or as a teacher!

    As an Occupational Therapist, the settings I could work in were numerous.  I sidetracked from my original calling, assisting adults in multiple settings and eventually servicing children in schools.  While I loved these opportunities, I was not completely satisfied.

    This all changed with a job posting online from My Favorite Therapists.  I called the owner Jay to follow up after submitting my application.   I was hoping to set up an in-person interview.  Be that as it may, the follow-up phone call became a phone interview.  From his inquiries and statements, I instantly sensed something special about this company.

    Two days later, I met with Jay and Kimmy at the My Favorite Therapist location in Deerfield Beach, FL. I loved the setting! Each room was tailored for growth and learning; each child had an individual program tailored to their specific needs; there was support and collaboration among team members; occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and behavior analysts were happily working together to provide the best services for children. I found a therapeutic center that provided multiple services to provide the best care in order for children to succeed and meet their full potential.

    Since I have been at My Favorite Therapists, I have not heard a single complaint from any of my co-workers or bosses. I have never held a job—and I have had several jobs—in which there was not at least one individual unhappy about an aspect of their job.  At My Favorite Therapists, we are all supported by each other, our supervisors and our bosses; and we all love what we do. We see the difference we are making. We respect and learn from each other. I could not ask for a better team. I am truly blessed to be part of the dream team at My Favorite Therapists.

    My journey as an occupational therapist (OT) is still incomplete. I have more to learn and more ways to grow, but I have found the perfect place to plant my OT seed.  I welcome you to reach out to me and the team at My Favorite Therapists if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, daily living skills, sensory issues, coping issue or emotional issues.


    Stephanie M. Yoda, MSOT,OTR/L

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