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How does Physical
Therapy help?

My Favorite Therapists

Physical Therapy is provided by a licensed Physical Therapist. Physical Therapy helps children maximize their physical abilities and minimize their limitations.

The goal of Physical Therapy at My Favorite Therapists is to help children who display delays or deficits in gross motor development, mobility, gait, strength, and posture as well as those who display pain or injury. Motor skills that are extremely important for your child’s independence and growth. Physical therapy for autism includes a treatment program that will better your child’s poor balance, functional movement and coordination challenges after a thorough examination and diagnosis of the source of your child’s difficulties. Our sensory gyms provide the perfect therapeutic environment for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Our licensed physical therapists use child-friendly, specially chosen toys, equipment, swings, slides and activities to motivate your child to work hard in our cutting edge therapy gyms. My Favorite Therapists uses one on one, hands-on therapy to focus on musculoskeletal and movement.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Our gym has all of the state of the art equipment needed to maximize your child’s physical abiities and minimize limitations in a variety of areas of concern including:

Developmental skills – such as crawling and walking.
Gross motor skills – using large muscles for sitting, standing, walking and running.
Balance/coordination skills – the coordinated use of the brain, muscles and bones to produce smooth movement for activities such as climbing stairs and jumping.
Strength and endurance – building up of muscles for endurance to avoid or overcome fatigue.
Functional mobility skills – allowing daily efficient movement through space.
Flexibility exercises – to increase range of motion.


Our highly skilled team of therapists provides an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary team approach to working with families and their children with unique needs

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