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How does Music
Therapy help?

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Music therapy for autism is the use of music activities to reach a non-musical goal. It is provided by our licensed music therapist, who has a bachelor’s degree, in music therapy from an approved music therapy program.  Music therapy is based on the clinical relationship between the therapist and client.

At My Favorite Therapists, our Board Certified Music Therapist conducts an assessment of your child to determine your child’s individual needs and establish goals and objectives to be accomplished throughout the program.  She will formulate an individualized treatment plan designed to be followed and targeted while your child participates in music therapy.

Each intervention can include creating, singing, moving to and listening to music.  We look forward to making an amazing therapeutic relationship and music with your child.

Music therapy Services:

We strive to help children to reach their goals, while enjoying themselves in the music therapy setting.  We see improvement in many areas, including:



  • C- Communication:  Verbal and non-verbal

  • A- Academic:  School concepts, time, money, and life-based skills

  • M- Motor Movements:  Fine and gross movements

  • M- Music:  Preferences and adaptive instrument lessons

  • E- Emotional:  Expression, recognition, and analysis

  • O- Organization:  Self-regulation and adaption to the natural environment

  • S- Social:  Social skills and group social dynamics


Our highly skilled team of therapists provides an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary team approach to working with families and their children with unique needs

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