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    ABA Therapy at My Favorite Therapists

    Aug 1, 2016

    My Favorite Therapists, LLC is proud to offer ABA therapy to its clients. Each ABA plan is carefully crafted by Carly Hockenberry our BCBA who recently relocated from Washington, DC. Carly is very excited to begin working with MFT children and their families.

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    One response to “ABA Therapy at My Favorite Therapists”

    1. Today was an amazing day for our son Blake. Blake swallowed a pill for the first time ever. Carly Hockenberry his Behavior Analyst (BCBA) came up with an original strategy to help Blake gain the skill and conquer the fear of swallowing a pill. This will be life changing for us. We are so excited to see what Blake is capable of in his ABA sessions in the future.


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